Requests for Funds

Good ideas for promoting arts in our community come from many sources. With that in mind, ACE provides funds to individuals and groups for art-related projects in our community.

The Arts Council’s funding priorities include dance, folk arts, literary arts, music, theater, and visual arts as well as projects that introduce the arts to new audiences, encourage new works and innovative projects. Instructions and deadlines for requesting funds can be found in the document below:

Instructions for Requesting Funds

The Arts Council of Edgerton (ACE) is a nonprofit, charitable organization devoted to promoting the arts in Edgerton, Wisconsin. Any ACE-funded project must culminate in tangible services presented to the community, such as exhibitions, concerts, touring productions, festivals, and publications. Public access to the project is a requirement of any ACE-supported activity. ACE funds are intended to help organizations leverage additional financial support from other sources and develop a diverse funding base. As such, ACE cannot be the primary funder for any organization and its activities.

Who We Fund:

Funding Priorities:

We Do Not Fund:

Review Criteria And Awards:

The following criteria are applied by the ACE board of directors when reviewing funding proposals:

Announcements of funding decisions will be made to applicants by email within two weeks following the board’s review. ACE may approve an amount less than what was requested in the application. The funding terms are set forth in a legal contract of agreement signed by Arts Council of Edgerton and the applicant.

Application And Deadline Information:

Applications must be submitted electronically through the ACE website here. The deadline for submitting applications for consideration at the monthly board of directors’ meetings is the 15th of every month. The board does not review applications in December.

Scholarship Information

Summer Art Camp Scholarships

Who is eligible? Edgerton-area students in grades 6 through 12 who wish to develop their artistic talents.

How do students apply? Students must complete a scholarship form and write a brief essay explaining what they hope to accomplish by attending the requested arts event.

What is the deadline to apply? March 15th, annually.

How much money is awarded? Awards vary, but are typically between $200 and $500.

How are applicants notified? Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their scholarship requests by email on or around March 30th.

College-Bound Senior Scholarship

Who is eligible? High school seniors residing in the Edgerton School District attendance area who have participated in the art or music programs during their high school careers and will be enrolling in a four-year college/university or technical college.

How do students apply? Students must complete the online application form that includes a short essay describing their artistic pursuits during high school and their interests and plans for college.

What is the deadline to apply? April 15th, annually.

How much money is awarded? The scholarship amount is $500, payable after the recipient provides ACE with a copy of his/her first semester college grades and evidence of continued enrollment in college for semester two. Recipients are expected to obtain grades of C or better in their college courses.

How are applicants notified? Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their scholarship requests by email on or around April 30th.